Serious Grass Part 2( DVD)


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Part 2 of a 3 Part series covering modern classic machinery during the Silage Season

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Part 2 of SERIOUS GRASS sees the story of Andrew Atkinson, his Lancashire dairy farm and his classic tractor fleet continue. In Part 1 we followed a Ford 8630 tractor from Suffolk to its new home on Andrew’s farm and saw it put through its paces in its new surroundings and, in Part 2, we see it in use on the Mengele trailed forage harvester for the first time.

As before there is plenty of chopper action including the mighty Ford 8830 on the Claas Jaguar 71, but we also visit during other times of the year and find Andrew busy pasture topping, hedge cutting and spraying with the Ford 7810 Silver Jubilee tractors as well as manure spreading with a blue version and fertiliser spreading with one of the 10 Series John Deere machines. And Stephen even gets behind the wheel of a Silver Jubilee!

But it is the chopping that really fascinates once again with all the classic tractors at work, along

side some newer examples, and the whole operation is caught in full – making this DVD just as SERIOUS about grass as the first installment.

If you thought you knew Andrew and his tractors from Part 1, then Part 2 will make you realise that you did not know the full story at all! This is truly SERIOUS GRASS by anyone’s standards!