Farm Trek – Part 1


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Despite many sought-after classics amongst the fleet all of the tractors have their part to play, as we find out with interviews explaining about each machine as the years progresses.

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Journalist SaschaJussen has been out filming for us once again – this time covering no less than five countries to bring us as much variety of working machinery as possible.

Farm Trek Part 1 Sow and Grow looks at all the machinery used to prepare the soil ready for sowing, the actual planting itself and the aftercare of the growing crops, including cereals, oilseed rape, peas and beans, potatoes, sugar beet, lettuces, maize and onions.

A huge variety of classic and very modern machinery is shown in action along with modern tractors and some slightly older ones, all shown hard at work in the fields covering jobs from manure spreading to crop spraying and everything else in-between.