A Year with Flawborough Farms Part 1 (DVD)

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Part one of a 2-part series charting the machinery used to tackle the seasonal challenges facing a modern arable farming business.




A Year with Flawborough is like no other agricultural video you’ve ever seen. Using the very latest drone and ground-level video technology, Farming Photography, the UK’s leading agricultural photography company, has created a new generation of farming DVD that provides unique angles on the machinery used to tackle the seasonal challenges facing a modern arable farming business.

Covering every operation of the Hawthorne family’s 5000-acre Notts-based Flawborough Farms, part one of A Year with Flawborough charts the flurry of farm activity that begins with the arrival of spring, and covers the period through until cereal harvest begins. Topics explored include the need to make the most of short weather windows to get crops drilled, sprayed and fertilised in ideal conditions, with Flawborough continually trialing advanced new technology, such as Fendt’s 500hp 1050, the world’s largest conventional tractor, and using a controlled traffic farming system to protect the soil.

But this isn’t just a film about advanced farming โ€“ it’s also about the team behind the business, and the hard work, dedication and skill that remain such an essential part of modern machinery operation. Nor is this a video about machinery for its own sake โ€“ also explored is Flawborough’s investment in the very latest crop protection and nutrient application technology to suppress grassweeds and use inputs with the utmost precision. And that extends not just to crops grown ultimately for human consumption, but also to those such as rye and maize destined to produce renewable energy through anaerobic digestion.

Amazing camera angles, high-tech and high-capacity equipment and detailed explanation by those involved of everything that goes on make this a farming DVD that breaks new ground. Look out for part two of A Year with Flawborough, and its coverage of cereal harvest, autumn cultivations, maize harvest and more.